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PEOPLE+ | Hobbies are the soul of a person

Neda Radoilova and Teodora Tsanova who were our participants in the passed YE "Make social inclussion happen" in Costinesti, Romania are sharing with us what they like to do in their free tim and why those specific activities and hobbies are their favorite things to do.


"I like to think of myself as a bright, creative person however I am a bit introverted and that’s why I don’t have that much experience in being part of social clubs and doing charity.

I have taken part in organizing a few charity bazaars, supporting different causes, in my school. It was very fun crafting things and bringing baked goods and sharing them with classmates in order to help the people in need.

My most recent volunteering work is the youth program I joined this year, called „Interact“. It is part of Rotary International club and its main goals are to help the community to develop and also to help the young participants become the future leaders of Rotary club. The biggest activity that we did since I joined the program is a charity concert in aid of the stray animals, mainly dogs, which we see every day on our streets. The name of the concert was “A small home for big hearts” and the price of the entrance was 2.00 leva and at least one plastic bottle cap. It was very successful, we raised a lot of money and the people liked it very much.

We used half of the money to buy food for the local shelter we have and the other half we gave to the owners to buy vaccines and medicine. As for the bottle caps they are donated in help of the hospitals which need to buy special nurseries for premature babies.

The other hobbies which I have are related to art. For example, I like drawing and I have been drawing since primary school which was an art school, but I went to high school and stopped drawing for a while. However, I am taking drawing lessons currently led by one of the teachers I had in the art school. Also, I would love to have a career in art.

Another hobby I used to have is playing the piano. I took interest in it when I was maybe seven years old as I was seeing my bigger brother playing every day on the piano we have at home. Despite playing the piano on every school concert we had and doing a few competitions, I lost interest in it and stopped playing. I hope I would start again someday.

I like singing as well but I am only comfortable singing at home and only in front of my friends. I would love to start taking singing lessons too and maybe someday be ready to set my fears aside and go on stage."

By Neda Radoilova


"The hobbies for me are very important and special. You will ask why? Because the hobbies are the soul of the person.

Photography is one of my hobbies. Using the photos, I can show what I like and what is inside me. When I go out with friends or with my family, my camera is always with me. People know me as “young photographer”. When I see something beautiful, I imagine it how it will look like in a photo. Before few months I’ve participated in one exhibition. In this exhibition there were pictures and I was the only one participating with photos. I had to explain the story of every photo and people liked them a lot. Photography is just my passion.

Another hobby which I have, is reading books. My mom reads very much, and I am just like her. I read a lot of books, but I don’t have favorite one, neither favorite genre. The genre which I don’t like so much is the fantasy. I’ve read a few fantasy books, but for sure this is not my genre. I love to read books connected with love or books for teenagers. I have a huge interest about this genre. When I read the book, I feel like I am in my own world. My mom read more different genres.

One year ago I was part of the Bulgarian Young Red Cross. It was very interesting experience. The work wasn’t easy but it was interesting and also taught me how to work with younger than me people. There I found a lot of friends and I hope that our friendship will last forever. When I talk with someone from them, I feel like I can share everything with them. This is very special and important for me and for our friendship."

by Teodora Tsanova

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