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How do we remember living with nature we forgot again

Nature is the main source of everything I have learned in my life. I lived a life intertwined with nature until I was 12 years old. Thanks to this, I learned to be curious and that we are not separate from nature, but a part of nature. These thoughts made me see how far away the gray cities we live in have drifted from nature. And while determining the subject of my project, these thoughts directed me to this topic, Sustainable Life. This project, "how do we remember living with nature we forgot again?" I chose it to look for answers to the question. For this reason, I decided to design eco-friendly green buildings by combining the information I got from the Department of Construction Technologies, where I graduated from the university, and the design knowledge I learned from the field of architecture I did as a profession. Currently, I am working on a bus stop design that generates its own electricity, collects rainwater, has a design that is intertwined with nature, but at the same time makes full use of today's technology.

Aykut Dogan - ESC Volunteer


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