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We are welcoming our new ESC Volunteer Durmus under the project "Social Imact" for the period from 01 September to 28 October 2021.


I applied to this project initially a post I saw on social media. Afterwards, following the announcement I received for the interview. In the days that followed, while I was waiting excitedly for the result to be announced, I saw that the results were announced and that I was selected for the project. I was contacted by SITODED one day later for information. And the process began. I would like to thank Mr. Kadir from the organization in Turkey for his help in this process. Finally, on August 31st, my passport arrived. I have to say, I've had a very exciting time in the process. However, it will be beneficial to me from being in Sofia at the end of the process and making friends from different cultures.

I am sure that this social circle where we have created a friendly atmosphere from day one will be beneficial for everyone in this project. I am grateful and fruitful to the intermediary institutions and organizations for providing us with this opportunity, which took place within the framework of European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

I'm ready to implement a lot of interesting activities so stay tuned.


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