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Temporary change in ICDET workflow due to COVID-19 outbreak

With the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency announced last week in Bulgaria, we have taken the necessary steps to protect our team and the ESC volunteers whom we are hosting.

We use G SUITE System as main part of our working process since 2015, allowing all our crew heads, members, associates, volunteers, interns and trainees to work without limits in space and time.

Regarding the current situation, all ongoing hosted volunteers from Turkey were returned back to their homes and will continue implement their tasks using remote work model: Work from home, online meetings, research and implement activities online which even will support our members, associates and all young people in their isolation from going out, involving them in their activities, ideas and projects, helping all society to go faster through this difficult situation! Air Purifier is installed.

I believe that anyone can help manage the situation, above all by being responsible for their own health and that of others, following the recommendations of the health authorities and staying at home. We, from ICDET, are extremely happy that we can continue our work even in this situation which will not stop the successful results we strive for.

With respect,

Ivan Tinev

President of ICDET


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