EVENT | Inclusive Presentations and games in Vardim

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

This week our team went to Svishtov to implement its activities; specifically, I am interested in inclusion and in the topic of multiculturalism, I have past experiences in the teaching of the Italian language to foreign people in my town in Italy so I would like to go into detail with the field of education here.

I went to Vardim where, during summertime, there are local children playing and enjoying their time in the streets. In summertime it’s difficult to organize frontal classes because teenagers actually just want to have fun after a whole school year. Therefore, my idea was to act through gamification (use of games for educational aims): In Vardim I proposed some presentation activities to children: initially they had to guess our group member names and our team had to guess childrens names through a hangman game. Later I proposed an activity in which they had to write on a paper their own interests without specifying their identity. After doing this, all of them had to put these papers in the middle and catch one randomly.

All of them read the interests in the paper they chose, trying to find similarities with their own interests and trying to guess the owner of the paper. It has been a nice moment for breaking the ice and to get to know each other better. Finally, we played all together hide-and-seek in the area next to the theatre. Actually I found this moment very important to establish a more spontaneous connection with the group and to enforce the initial presentation. It was very nice to understand how much simple games simple count in order to create the group in childhood but also in adolescence. I am so happy with experience both for what I learned and for what I hoped to have transmitted.