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LIFE+| KA2 Enhancing New Age Skills for Adults TC in Struga, North Macedonia

The training course of the KA2 project “Enhancing new age skills for adults” took place in Struga, North Macedonia between November 25th and 30th 2019. There were participants from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain and Portugal.

Monday was the Arrival day and on Tuesday we began our planned activities after breakfast. First we got to introduce ourselves to one another and get ready for the work ahead with some energizers. After that, Marija, our facilitator, began by introducing us to the main goal of the training course which was to find ways to promote life-long learning to adults and help them find easy ways to acquire new age skills required by the technologically advanced modern jobs. After lunch, Iliyan from Bulgaria, gave two presentations named “Basic Software Programs” and “Internet Usage and Concepts of Online Safety”.

On Wednesday we went around Struga, took some pictures on the beautiful bridges over the Drim River and had lunch at a traditional Macedonian restaurant. We ended the day with the Intercultural Night where each country presented part of their traditional cuisine (snacks and drinks included). After experiencing other cultures through our taste buds, it was time to include the rest of our bodies, hence, the dancing began. We shared some of our traditional dances and burned a bit of the calories from earlier that night.

The next morning, after breakfast we gathered in front of the hotel where a bus was waiting and took us to Ohrid. Once there, we went around and visited many of the churches and monasteries in the city, as well as Samuel’s Fortress, which is a major historical landmark for both Macedonian and Bulgarian people.

On Friday we began our work from the morning. After a couple more energizers and teambuilding exercises, we were divided into three working groups each consisting of participants from different countries. Our first task was to research and present information on the following topics: which are currently the most in-demand programming languages and why; what are some ways to learn a programming language; what can you do to make sure you stay safe online. Each group had the same topics but did their research on their own so that when presenting we could see different points of view and alternative solutions to the task on hand. In the afternoon we continued with another project. We were to create a novel product or service following two rules: the cost mustn’t be more than 20 euro, it must either support a social cause or make profit. We were also advised to think about a marketing strategy, our demographic target, and to think green in regards to production and packaging.

Overall this was a fantastic first experience with Erasmus+ for me. I made many new friends, acquired experiences in research and team building and I’m waiting for another opportunity to participate in this project.


by Petar Parushev

Participant in

KA2 Enhancing New Age Skills for Adults TC in Struga, North Macedonia


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