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LIFE+ | Escaping From Reality

I am Onur Camlica. I am from Turkey. I was born in Turkey and then I was raised in a small village in Bulgaria. So I also have Bulgarian Citizenship. I am a senior Electrical and Electronics Engineering student in Edirne/Turkey.

I had various experiences during my university education. One and the most extreme experience was Paragliding in Erzincan/Turkey. I had to sacrifice my final exams in 3rd grade for this training. Because both 2 things were at the same date. I chose the paragliding and it cost one year extension of my school. But I do not regret it at all. If I have to do it again I would make the same choice again.

I called my experiences various because they are different from each other. For example I am an engineering student yet I took a license for paragliding, I worked in a jewelry store, I worked in a little company which is making electrical installation as an apprentice also I worked on a farm as a peach picker and seller.

I was visiting Bulgaria very often but still I hadn't been in Sofia before this experience. I believe that there are more than one truths in life. So I am after these truths. The way that I chose to look these truths is involving and achieving more in experiences like already I have been in. Because we can not notice the truths without living life deeper and deeper and also without seeing different lives, cultures and people. First and most important piece that I expect from this volunteering project is improving something. No matter “something” in me or in the association. I want to see a result when it’s done and I want to show that result to the future me. Because I am really jealous about future me. Because he will get more and more experiences although I don't know this right now. Also I know that no matter how much I compete with him, I cannot beat him but I like this challenge which goes to infinity. Life is not like what we see. Life consists of moments that we live. The moments that we learn, travel, explore, discover and the moments that we love, sad, angry…

The first month or sometimes the first year in the new job can be fun and educational. New way or vehicles to go to the work and new colleagues that you meet, new environment and new things to involve and explore but what about after 1st year?

Still can you improve yourself or the environment already you’ve been in? Can you make new differences? When I ask those questions to myself I couldn't respond to them as “Yes!”. Because of the situation of coronavirus or some economical issues. I looked to myself in the mirror and I asked: “What am I doing here and now?” The answer was simple: “NOTHING!”.

That meant I didn't live… What was the living? Living was the road we walked while looking for the truths. So i decided to walk again, in another country and in another city with different people. After this decision I asked myself again: “What would I do in there?”. The answer was simple again. I had lot’s of experiences and stories to show or tell. If I make a good impression over a person’s life, it would be enough for me.

But I realize when I arrived here, everybody had experiences and stories to show and tell. Everybody’s stories were in different fields, what they lived and their lives were different… With this awareness I decided to collaborate our lives and experiences to create some new awareness to make a good impression over the people who are in impossibility or insufficiency. Also this collaboration process makes more story for all of us. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of this volunteering program.

We have lots of plans, we have huge hopes to change people's life in a good way. We gave the start for change starting from ourselves. We changed our laziness that the coronavirus situation brings us. Every single morning we push ourselves to wake up early.

Every morning before breakfast we are walking around the lake. Every morning we make healthy breakfast together. If we want to impress someone, we have to affect each other in the first place. If we want to focus on our tasks we have to focus our physical and mentally health at the first palace.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body."

(M. Kemal Ataturk)


Onur Camlica, volunteer@ICDET


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