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LIFE+ | From an Asian student to Europe

My name is RanSeya, I am from Vietnam and I am currently studying for a Master of Tourism and Recreation in Poland. When I was a student from secondary school, I was thinking about studying and doing internship abroad in order to broaden my knowledge in terms of enhancing soft and hard skills and emerging myself to the international environment as I wish not only to be a citizen of a country but also a global citizen as well that means I am able to work and live in different environment. Actually, it is not quite easy to make the dream come true, I was born in a small city in the South of Vietnam so it can be imagined how hard it is to access and find the best program to study and join an internship abroad. I did not give up though, I have tried my best to find an opportunity for me.

First of all, I need to improve my English in order to meet one of the school and employers’ requirements by participating in an English speaking club as a volunteer there for a year and also applied for various international exchange activities back in my country.

Secondly, I got advice from experienced friends who previously studied and worked abroad, they did give me an image of what studying and doing an oversea internship look like so I better prepare myself in order to avoid and limit the situation of culture shock. Thirdly, I did a lot of research about which country I should go and experience.

Finally, I figure out what I really need to improve and learn so I decide to come to Europe. In Europe, I actually have an eye open when each country speaks different languages and has such an amazing culture which I have never experienced before.

The first stage of my dream is completed and I would be confident to say that my next wish on the list is almost filled in when I was accepted to do an internship and got funding by the ERASMUS program to work at ICDET in Sofia, Bulgaria. My first expectation for the internship here is to fulfil my desire of exploring new culture and cuisine and traveling as it is related to my major as mentioned above.

Moreover, I want to challenge myself in multitasking and experience the working environment and meet new people from different countries.

Last but not least, I hope my two months here will promise to be an unforgettable moment of my life in Europe.


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