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LIFE+ | How bad situation can produce good future

As association working with young people, ICDET try to keep the good spirit and to help to all its crew members followers and friends to resist the negative vibes and to think only how to benefit from this situation. And here we go: Last weeks we started our pilot program which we didn't had time to work till now - to develop and finalize ONLINE part of our trainings and to develop methodology of working with international associates.

We are happy to present you two young very ambitious teachers from Philippines but working in Spain who are our FIRST online trainees and future members of our ASSOCIATE CREW


He has made education his profession, vocation, and mission. He is an experienced English teacher in the Philippines and won national and international awards for showing an exemplary disposition in the field. His resolute determination rocketed his career forward and helped him have a global mindset in Education. Currently, he is finishing his level 5 TEFL certificate and works with the Spanish Ministry of Education being an auxiliar de conversacion to high school learners.


An experienced and passionate teacher with a love for educating today's youth. Adept in creating meaningful learning experiences for the learners. Able to act as a facilitator of powerful learning experiences, while allowing students to dictate certain lessons and lead with curiosity. Familiar with many renowned educational philosophies, aimed at supporting a child academically, emotionally, and socially. Bringing forth dedication, skill, passion, and the desire to positively impact the lives of children. 

.....What they will do and how you can apply for our intentional trainee and associate?

Stay tuned for updates!


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