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Welcome Aboard Ilaria!

One step outside from my comfort zone

Hi everyone! My name is Ilaria Staltari, I am 25 years old and I come from Italy for internship in HR & Training department of ICDET. I lived in Rome for all my life and I feel very proud and in love with my city. On the other side, I feel often limited and I always feel the desire to explore new places and new realities, far from Rome.

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Processes, graduating in Rome at “La Sapienza” University, in September 2018. Moreover, I finished my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, always at “La Sapienza” University, at the end of November 2020. Psychology studies have taught me to face difficult situations always keeping in mind the context, finding new points of view and strategies, staying in touch with others through empathy to understand their needs and to improve their motivation. I strongly believe that it will help me to get ahead in the comprehension of this dynamic and complex world.

I have a real passion for international travels and during my university years I have always worked as a waitress, cashier or animator for children to be economically independent. In this way I managed to travel to most of the European Capitals, USA, Malaysia and Singapore: these experiences have given me the chance of becoming more confident and open-minded, discovering new cultures, new lifestyles and new people. Since I was a child I have been passionate about all kinds of dance: when there is music I just can’t stop to move. I like to eat good food and, for this reason, I like to test myself in the kitchen and share the results with my people.

I am here mainly to test myself out of my comfort zone and to enrich my current professional abilities by participating in Human Resources’ field work. I consider myself a curious and very dedicated person who always aims to learn new things and to broaden mindsets and horizons. I’m highly motivated to use, test and develop my skills and to learn what more I can do to improve myself. For all these reasons, it has always been an ambition for me to collaborate in an international working experience where I can express myself being part of a team such as ICDET.


Ilaria Staltari, intern@ICDET


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