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LIFE+ | VOLUNTEER@ICDET Weekly diary : One Week of EVS in Hindsight

“ a life you will remember” said Avicii in The Nights and i totally agree with him. So this is how i remember our EVS life from the last week in Sofia. Each day has it’s own tag according to the events and activities have been made. Here we go…


Thanks to #EuropeanNightofMuseums we got to taste of Bulgarian culture through so many special collections in different galleries such as National Gallery, Art Gallery Europe and Enakor Auction House.


What else we could possibly be doing on a sunny day in Sofia? Of course we went to South Park and appreciate the good weather.


Since the big event is coming up, final preparations made in our Gaze+bo office; learned how to use media materials and built our teams for the occasion.


Aye Aye captain! Plovdiv is waiting ahead. We made a guide for the participants of the event which we are the hosting organisation for the European Capital of Culture 2019. Just betweens us: I am also excited to see the city! But first, i have to pick up the participants from the airport :)

Conference time! Finally our preparations is gonna pay off. I picked up participants from Portugal and they are such amazing people with their positivity.


A day full of dialogue! First we were in charge of the events we organised: Migration + Action= Global Reaction. We dived into the topic and made a lot of interviews with Erasmus+ project professionals. It was challenging to be in front of the camera and ask questions in English in some topic i barely memorise.

Second, there was a street event in Vitosha boulevard which you sit on the street in front of someone you don’t know and make some real eye contacts -without distraction of a smartphone- then of course having real conversation with your street-mate. I met 4 different people from different ages and stories. The last one is the most memorable: Yevgenia - a mother of 9 years old! She is a drawer and quit her handmade jewelry craft because she realised that women are buying those jewelries just to fill the emotional hole of theirs. She thinks some brands are more successful than others discovering this emotional hole and making people believe that they can fill it buying their products. She also doesn’t send her daughter to school because in her opinion school is not life.

Wow! That was fast, wasn’t it? See you next week :)


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