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LIFE+ | Outline of week 31/2021

This week was the follow up of the Shvistov event we organised last week about environmental issues as part of Begreen+.

First, I had to gather some photos from the different activities and pick up the best ones in order to include them in an article to give an account of what we did in Shvistov and Vardim, with or without the volunteers. Since our project proposal could not be fully realized on site for various reasons, I found it difficult to really make the link between our realized actions and our initial objectives set in the framework of Begreen+. Still, the article is an effort to demonstrate that we have been able as a team

Then, the week was also intended as a break and a means to focus on reflection. Since we are officially halfway through the internship, it was important to be able to understand what this experience has allowed us to achieve both personally and collectively, whether it be for the association, the team or the community in general. In that sense, Throughout the week I completed the various tasks required in the midterm session.

Loic Perreau

INTERN@ Project Development Department

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