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LIFE+ | Seminar "Slaves of the 21st century" | Madrid, Spain

The seminar “Slaves of the 21st century” was held in Madrid, Spain from the 18th of August to 24th of August. The project was funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission.

The participants, who were from Bulgaria, Algeria, Lebanon, Germany, France, Ukraine, Turkey, Tunisia, Macedonia, Jordan and Egypt shared knowledge, experience and ideas using a non-formal style of education.

The main topics of the project were Immigrant issues and human trafficking. The participants took part in the meeting with the aim of making the social injustice known to the world. The main objective of the project was to address new skills and strategies for eradicating all forms of youth slavery in the world.

The participants successfully developed ideas how to raise bigger awareness about youth slavery in 21st century and how to prevent such situations. What is more, they came up with proposals about steps that can be implemented in order to end slavery as this issue that we are witnessing today happening is even more serious than we expect, and it is occurring in more and more places.

In conclusion, it has been an amazing experience for every participant. The participants were immersed in the topic and I met many inspiring people, made new friends and learned a lot on this topic that we should all be concerned about.

by: Daniela Vasileva


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