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LIFE+ | TC “Culture as a tool of conflict resolution” in Budapest, Hungary

7 days, 8 countries, three participants from each country! This was one of the key moments during the training course in Budapest that I took part in. The main aim of this project was to develop the professional skills of young people and to promote values of tolerance and prevention of violence. During the sessions we discussed very important issues like marginalization, lack of education, and cultural diversity. The methods were based on discussions, theater, story-telling.

During the games we had to introduce different kind of problems and to suggest solutions. Every day started with energizing games which were great way to get morning dose of fresh energy! Every country - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain - introduced its local traditions, national dances, food, history and regional and national problems minorities, unemployment, language barrier.

On the first day of the project we talked more about the Erasmus+ program and the opportunities which it gives, then we had some presentations which helped us understand better what culture is and the personal perspectives of the culture everyone comes from. On the second day we were having sessions of culture conflict mediation and conflict resolution. During the next days we had activities connected with the PIN’s topic (academic background, outcomes: knowledge, key information) and different games on the topic of the project.

To sum up I would like to express my joy for being part of this great event which is a great way to feel more European.


by S.Ivanov

Participant in

TC “Culture as a tool of conflict resolution” in Budapest, Hungary


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