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LIFE+ | TC "Promoting Visual Facilitation in Youth Work and Erasmus+" in Brolo, Sicily

Twenty-five youth workers and educators from 14 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean area gathered together from 1st to 7th of October in Brolo, Sicily, thanks to the project "Promoting Visual Facilitation in Youth Work and Erasmus+", coordinated by the Sikanie association.

The goal of the training course was to develop skills in the visual facilitation technique to be applied in working with young people, also to record and document activities in order for everything to be carried out more easily and effectively.

The participants were from Italy, Croatia, Spain, Macedonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. The working sessions, which use non-formal learning techniques, were conducted by the trainers Lucia Tringali and Joanna Mielcarek.

On the first day of the activities we had to create our own visual tools and present them in front of neutral people: a professional painter, a movie director and the president of Sikanie organization Angela Fogliani. The results were interesting as the products we presented on the first day were very unprofessional compared to the visual products we were able to present in the last two days, as we gained more practical knowledge on how to create quickly easily understandable visual tools. That way we were all able to see our own development throughout the project,

In the free time we were very mixed with the participants from other countries and went on exploring the island, as some of us went to the capital of Sicily – Palermo, others went to Catania, so we pretty much grasped the culture and saw some of the many beautiful places Sicily could offer. In the lunch breaks we had a lot of fun enjoying the nice weather as the whole group went to the beach together and took pictures. We somehow clicked very well with each other and saying goodbye, I can say, was the most difficult part of the project.

Also, we loved having participants from Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt because they absolutely brought multicultural knowledge and widened our understanding of other non-European cultures.

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by Ava Dobreva

Participant in

TC "Promoting visual facilitation" in Brolo, Sicily


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