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LIFE+ | The breathtaking "Outdoor Rocks"

This youth exchange took place between 16 - 27 July 2021 in Bălan, Romania – a beautiful mountain town with amazing views and interesting opportunities, related to hiking and climbing. The first two days the whole group did teamwork activities and get-to-know-each-other games. These were the days, in which we took our time to learn everyone’s names, age, country and other interesting things about the other participants. The sessions were long, but pleasant and everyone had a good time. The accommodation was very comfortable, and the food was delicious.

The next few days were dedicated to learning about climbing, climbing equipment, hiking, dangers of hiking, etc. We had different activities related to the topic. We learnt how to properly tie the rope before starting to climb, what to bring on a long hike, what to do if someone gets injured and got introduced to the equipment needed for our climb.

After the first few days and activities, we finally went on the hike. It was three/four hours long and it was exhausting, but no one was complaining, and everyone enjoyed themselves. The views on the way were breathtaking and the group’s atmosphere was very fun. When we finally got to the top, everyone was tired, but the view became even more beautiful and we got to have lunch on a green meadow, in front of a big mountain hut, breathing fresh air and having a great time. When everyone took a break and was ready, the climbing activity started. For a lot of people this was their first time climbing, but we had a lot of help from the professionals, and everything went smoothly.

We also had a free day, in which we visited a nearby town and got to talk to some scouts. They showed us pictures from previous adventures and told us interesting stories. After that, we had the whole day for ourselves and everyone did as they wished.

The next day was also dedicated to hiking and climbing. It was in the same place as before, but we still enjoyed it, because we got to climb again, and everyone was happy. Some people came solely because of the climbing, some just wanted to take the hiking route again, we were all free to choose what we wanted to do. Those who chose to climb had the help of the professionals again and everything was safe.

Finally, the last day came. That day we did some final work on our Youth pass certificates and played some saying-goodbye games. Everyone got to write a note to the others from the group and give them something to remember. The atmosphere was sad, because by that time everyone made friends and we didn’t want to leave the beautiful Bălan. In the afternoon, we didn’t have anything planned so everyone went on a walk and had a picnic. We met some locals, got to visit their house and tried some of their homemade drinks. In the evening it was the Farewell Party and the end of the project.


by Hristiyana Teova


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