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LIFE+ | The Greek Youth Exchange “Prop@genda”

The Youth Exchange project titled “Prop@genda” took place in the beautiful touristic village of Arnaia, Khalkidhiki, Greece. From the second until the thirteenth of August five participants from six countries (Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria) took part in activities of non-formal education and artistic workshops that addressed topics of the existent political propaganda in social networks (processing and analysis of such messages), strengthened the European identity of young people, broke any prejudices and stereotypes and created an intercultural dialogue on the pathogenesis of propaganda in different countries of the European Union.

After the first two days of ice breaking activities where we got to know each other better, we had a guest called Ana who was a well establish journalist and she thought us what propaganda is, its history, depiction of art and how to recognize it. In addition we were taught the notion of fake news, what their existence means in social media, and how it can determine whole voting outcomes due to rapid propagation. She was with us for four days and we did some fun and different activities like debates on social media, sketches, an outdoor treasure hunting in which we got to see and learn more about Arnaia and its history and we also did some more chill games. One favorite activity of mine was when we were split into 5 different groups and had full access to the beautiful stage in the educational center we were accommodated in.

We had the task of recreating a news broadcast and each team had a director, an editor, journalists, newscaster and a guest commentator. On our free day we went to the beach on a island close to Stratoni and we went there by a boat, we stayed there for almost the whole day and we could swim to the others islands that were near us.

Finally, the last day came. That day we presented our final task which was to make a video about raising awareness against propaganda. After that we played a goodbye game where everyone got to write a note to the others from the group and give them something to remember. I don’t know if the others cried but I most certainly did. Afterwards we just spent all the time we had left together creating memories we wont ever forget.


by Ognyan Gabrovski


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