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LIFE+ | Volunteer@ICDET Weekly diary #36/2022

Here we included some moments from this week in which we enjoyed, worked, laughed, and cooked new dishes and let’s have a look at them all together!

As always, we like working from home. This week, we focused on the Vet students' timetable. We devised a strategy for seminars as well as entertaining activities for their spare time. We are really excited to meet with VET students.

What could be better or more soothing than cooking? As usual, we prepared traditional Turkish meals as well as some traditional Bulgarian food. So we might say that it was a delicious week. (And we got more weight…)

We continue to build our plans via online meetings in addition to working in the office. As volunteers, we met this week to discuss our ideas for the September monthly plan.

Going for a night walk at Druzhba Lake Park makes us joyful and tranquil. We are enjoying the beautiful summer weather and striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle by walking!

To summarize all of the exciting and exhausting (yet entertaining) events of the week, we created a calendar for the arriving VET students, since we will be their guides in the project for which we are planning activities and workshops for our new friends. We did, however, cook a lot in our spare time! We can't get Mert out of the kitchen; he insists on cooking 24 hours a day... Furthermore, in the evenings and at night, we enjoyed the beautiful view of Lake Park, which is 5 minutes walk from our accommodation. We are overjoyed to meet our new friends and VET students. See you in the following week's weekly diary, which will be more entertaining.

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