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LIFE+ | Volunteer@ICDET Weekly diary by Aymira

This week was my fourd week in Bulgaria. I attended my second Office meeting. Mr. Ivan after planning monthly office meetings with, I talked about my free chosen session projects. In my second week in office, I got my first free chosen session approval. “ Hiking to Vitosha Mountain ” activity.

The next day we met up with lily for the sharing+ video. also for the trip, I wrote a script and got an audio recording about Nesebar's everyday life. We also shot a little promotion video introducing ourselves.

We left home for the Vitosha Mountain hiking event at 07: 00 a.m. on Wednesday. The purpose of the event: spending time away from the noise of technology and the city, reducing stress caused by environmental problems, remembering nature.

Volunteers participating in the event: Burcu, Aslı and aylin. Boyana Church, Boyana Waterfall, Boyana Lake and Stone River were visited.

I edited the videos that I shot in Vitosha all day, at night.

We attended the Office meeting at about 13: 00 on Thursday. We talked about the Vitoasha mountain hiking event and watched the videos I shot. we talked again about the weekly plan.

Burcu and Kadir made menemen on Friday. I'd say it's a cooking show. J J J So I determined the winner..... and the winner is: KADİR


I'd say today is my busiest day. It has been an exhausting day, even though it has been so enjoyable for us to deal with the food.

You can see more from this amazing night on ICDETv!


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