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LIFE+ | Volunteer@ICDET Weekly diary by Burcu

This week was my third week in Bulgaria. So Lily and I took a Share + video. Really, I was so excited to this experience. Also, new volunteers came this tuesday !!! We started some preparations to new volunteers.

When new volunteers came here, we did a welcome party to them in happy restaurant. In addition to this, I and Fatih gave some basic information about the everyday life of Bulgaria and Icdet. They had some main sessions in Icdet. So we went to sessions together and I worked my project in the office. After the office, we did a second welcome party with Icdet team.

I had lots of apprehensions about new volunteers, before they come to Bulgaria. But now, we are like a big family in our house.

Today was a motivation night to women :). We had lots of main session in Icdet. But after our sessions, men played a playstation and women prepared to their night.

Aslı, Aylin and I went to some unbelievable historical places. We like all part of Sofia. When we hang out street of Sofia, we see lots of street performer. After our travel, we ate pizza in front of The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

This week my aunt and her friend came Sofia to me. But they came early and we encounter at center of Sofia. I was shocked. Really, World is small. This event was evidence to me.

In the final event of this week, Aymira came at Sofia :)). She came here with camp tools. So I so excited to new experience with our big family.


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