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LIFE+ | Volunteer@ICDET Weekly Diary by Fatih

Monday me and Alper came to the office late because we didn’t know where my keys at and we were looking for them so we’ve missed the office meeting . I’ve met Zahari and we talked about my expectations, my fears and stuff like that. After that we made a weekly plan for me and that was all for Monday.

Tuesday went to the Free Sofia Tour and it was great to learn about the history of Sofia. I have some photo’s to show from that tour so here they are.

Wednesday we had a session session with Zahari about how to make a decent CV and after that, we had a mentoring session with Ivanov about working ethics and stuff like that and after that session with Ivanov we’ve played some playstation and i’ve litterally destroyed Ivanov and Alper in mortal kombat.(It would be really shame if I didn’t mentioned about that detail lol.) And that was all.

Thursday we went to the event of a company named Beta House. We’ve talked with some people who were working for them but they didn’t gave us much detail about the company and how do they work and they were all talking Bulgarian so that wasn’t much of a good event for me.

And Friday i’m here writing my summary and if I have to rate the week i mean it was a good week and that’s all I can say about this week,

Oh and i want to share this foto with you📷

This is probably the weirdest building I’ve ever seen in my life. Just look at that lol.


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