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Weekly diary #49 by Sule

After our Monday morning meeting, Burcu, Hale and I created our EmployeE+ Media materials plan. Then, after a busy week for all of us, we wanted to rest a little this Monday as a team and we had a movie night together by hanging out at home.

There was a development this week and everyone started Bulgarian lessons in the evening. Esra and I created a Teamizing & Cafe Plan and listed the socializing areas we can go to as a team. Also, I closed the google form we prepared for our project and wrote a research article for it.

Now it's time for the best part. Burcu, Hale and Eren went on a trip to see different cultures abroad. They travelled to 3 new countries. These are Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.

While they were exploring abroad, Esra, Kubilay and I learned that 8 December is the Students' Day in Sofia and we decided to visit Sofia today. Frankly, we did not come across any special celebrations while we were visiting, but we walked around the streets decorated for New Year's Eve, visited the stands and took lots of photos.


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