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LIFE+ | Welcome on INTERNSHIP@ICDET, Andrea!

My name is Andrea and I am from Spain, specifically from Ourense which is a small city located in Galicia, in the northwest of the country. When I turned eighteen, I went to study Biology in Santiago de Compostela, but I soon realized that it was not what I expected so I decided to change to study Criminology in the same city.

Once I finished my degree and like all students I found myself lost and without knowing what the next step would be, but soon a new option opened up in front of me: The European Union. In this way, I did a Master's Degree specialized in it and began to prepare the entrance exams to work as a civil servant in one of its institutions.

I chose this option after my career since I am a person who loves to travel, especially traveling around Europe and getting to know the cultures of each and every one of the member countries closely and being able to enjoy the diversity that exists, as well as try to learn the different languages ​​of each of the countries (at least a few words) since I speak Spanish (and one of its co-official languages ​​which is Galician), English and during the lockdown I began to study German and still today I continue to study it.

This internship here at ICDET and in Sofia I consider it a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally and to know the Bulgarian culture which is unknown to me.
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