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LIFE+ | Welcome on INTERNSHIP@ICDET, Luca!

I am Luca De Cristofaro, an Italian-Brazilian guy who is trying to understand how Europe works. Growing up with parents of different nationalities brought me to speak two languages at a very early age. After speaking Italian and (Brazilian) Portuguese at home, I decided to diversify the languages I was speaking and when I had to decide what type of high school I wanted to pursue, I decided to enroll in the “liceo linguistico”.

The liceo linguistico was the perfect option for me as it allowed me to improve my English and properly study French and Spanish. The studies were not only focused on learning different languages but also on learning and understanding the culture, history, and literature. During my high school years, I got the chance to win a scholarship (that I later discovered being funded by the EU) that allowed me to go to Salamanca for a month to learn the language and culture in situ.

The experience in Salamanca made me understand that, to me, knowing a language was not enough, I wanted to know more about a country’s history, culture, and politics. Therefore, I can say that my time in Salamanca is the reason why I decided to study International Relations at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. During my bachelor’s I discovered the Model United Nations universe and I completely fell in love with diplomatic simulations. I went from being a delegate to becoming a chairman. The picture above is the conference in which I was the Chairman for the simulation of a meeting of the European Council.


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