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LIFE+ | YE “Save our money” @ Mezobereny, Hungary

The youth exchange took place from 9 to 18 September 2019 in Mezobereny, Hungary on the topic "Save our money". Participants from four countries from Europe participated in the project – from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Lithuania. The project aimed for each participant to learn how to distribute, save and invest their personal funds properly. But this project gave each participant much more. Each person has made new friends, positive emotions and indescribable experiences. Everyone improved their English, presentation and speaking skills in front of large audience. We also learned how to work in a team and to distribute all of the tasks and duties.

There were also international evenings and all of us had to present our countries, to tell more about them, to show how they differs from other countries in Europe. This event showed the specific culture of each country, their dances, traditions and customs, as well as their specific food and drinks. The whole project was all fun and useful because all the participants worked in teams and learned new lessons and tips, under the form of games (non-formal learning) that would be needed for their future development.

Each participant had a secret friend, chosen at random, to whom he wrote secret letters and received great gifts. It was very exciting because each of the participants felt special and that made even deeper and more real friendships.

One of the days, all the participants visited the town of Békéscsaba and each of them had many fun tasks. One of them was to get to know the locals, tell them more about the Erasmus + programme, take pictures with them and learn new phrases in Hungarian.

The projects of the Erasmus+ programme are worth it because they remain you unforgettable memories, great lifelong friendships and emotions that cannot be described in words but must be felt! Participate, it's really worth it!


by Rosen Tomov


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