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LIFE+ | YE "Youth Ecopreneurship Sprint (YES)" | @Zagreb, Croatia

My name is Antonina Mitkova, I’m from Bulgaria and I participated in the project YE "Youth Ecopreneurship Sprint (YES)", which took place in the heart of Croatia - Zagreb. This was my second Erasmus+ project, which ran from June 23 to July 30. I was the leader of the coolest group - the Bulgarian one.

With our departure from Sofia to Zagreb, we took our best moods, our heavy luggage, also the only task we had set - to have fun at every possible moment. During the project, we visited various sights in Zagreb - Lake Jarun, St. Mary's Cathedral, Botanical Garden, St. Mark's Church, Croatian National Theater.

Every day we were learning something new - we've learned about the different green campaigns and companies in Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Romania, we've figured out how to create our own business and how we need to have a perfect team behind us to be successful. Through a survey, on a sunny day, we understood how many people are not interested in ways to protect and save our planet. Divided into five teams, each team has developed a green business project that presented the last day through a presentation. We presented a presentation that showed the lives and success of Bulgarian farmers who, with a lot of work, achieved great results while protecting the environment by not using substances harmful to the soil and nature.

Despite the short stay in Zagreb and the 12-hour journey in one direction, we returned happily because we presented our country in the best way and met a lot of new people.


By Antonina Mitkova


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