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PARTICIPATE+ | Call for volunteers - ESC projects in Wroclaw, Poland

Duration: 12 months

Place: Wrocław, Poland

Start date: 1 October 2021

End date: 30 September 2022

Available projects:

12 month volunteering “LEGNICKA 65”

 - Helping in a youth center

- Working with seniors

- Taking care of the physical space.

 - Jazda z pomysłami (Let’s go with ideas)

- Individual projects

places: 4 Volunteers

12 month volunteering “TIME AND SPACE“

 - Helping with cultural events

- Working with local community (mostly kids and students)

- Helping with the maintenance of a cultural center.

- Jazda z pomysłami (Let’s go with ideas)

- Individual projects

places: 12 Volunteers


- 18-30 years old

- from an European country

- highly motivated

- with hobbies

- min. basic English


Every day of working will be different: the volunteers will participate in specially prepared trainings, create and run workshops for youth and adults, help with organization of cultural events and take care about the social garden. There are many topics to choose from and for sure everyone will find something for themselves. We will create the opportunity for volunteers to share their talents with the local community and to become gardeners, painters or builders in Timespace or Legnicka. They will organize events and individual projects. All this under the supervision of a project coordinator who will support the development process of volunteers. There will also be time for travel, volunteer have 24 days to spare during the project.


Travel costs will be reimbursed to the volunteers once the original documents regarding the travel are handed over to the project coordinator. Volunteers have to purchase the ticket to Poland and later on, the return ticket will be bought by the organization.

For the volunteers to feel more independent. a bank account will be created after their arrival. At every month, the volunteer will receive pocked money and food allowance, to arrange their own meals during the project duration.

Regarding the accommodation, volunteers will live in apartments rented by our association. We are care about the good location of our apartments and because of that, they are located near the city center and with good connections to thw workplace. They are fully furnished and equipped. Volunteers must be ready to share a room with another volunteer of the same gender and to share the common living spaces with other volunteers.

Thinking once gain about the independence, volunteers will be provided with a public transport card, which can be used all over the city on trams and buses. The card will be charged every month at the expense of the organization.

*To apply for the project, candidates have to send their CV and motivation letter to

The first candidates considered suitable for the project will be selected.

We wish you luck! :)


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