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PARTICIPATE+ | European Solidarity Corps Opportunities

Cultural and linguistic activities

Where: Senigallia, Italy

From: 03 May 2020

To:31 Mar 2021

The Intecultural Centre "le Rondini" is a daily multicultural centre for children and teenagers  created by the association of social promotion Le Rondini Onlus whose aim is to provide spaces and moments for social inclusion, intercultural learning, active citizenship, fostering youth participation. In particular, the EVS volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • Homework support for immigrant and Italian children;

  • Activities with immigrant women, especially support to the sewing course and Italian language course;

  • Cultural and linguistic activities;

  • Activities and workshops in cooperation with the Youth Info Centres;;

  • Events in cooperation with other local organisations to promote cultural diversity and European opportunities for youngsters.


Activities in the Local Committee of the Red Cross of Cingoli (MC)

Where: Cingoli, Italy

From: 07 Nov 2019

To:08 May 2020

The volunteers are involved in the activities organized by the CRI - Local Committee of Cingoli. It is located within the area affected by the earthquake between 2016 and 2017 and the volunteers will contribute to the following services:

  • Support the Red Cross Youth Group;

  • Take part in informative and awareness campaigns;

  • Organization of events related to responsible drinking;

  • Support to training course about First AID and road safety;

  • Support to internal communication strategy of the Red Cross;

  • Informative activities at school;

  • Support to transportation service of elderly & people with disability;

  • Take part in informative activities about health and proper nutrition.


Activities in the Local Committee of the Red Cross of Pesaro (PU).

Where: Pesaro, Italy

From: 02 Sep 2019

To:27 Jun 2020

Volunteers take part to the activities organised by the local Red Cross in 5 different areas, as support staff of local Red Cross volunteers and professionals:

  • Support to transportation service of elderly & people with disability;

  • Social and cultural entertainment activities in rest homes for eldery people;

  • Food distribution activities: the volunteers will take part to distribution of food to the poor families, in cooperation with the Municipality of Pesaro, in a long term perspective of personal support;

  • Information and awareness campaigns: meetings with students and organising prevention and intervention workshops about different topics and issues (first aid, drug and alcohol abuse, prevention of diseases…);

  • Press office support: support in the realisation of media products, information press campaigns, to spread the values and activities realised by Red Cross;

  • Fundraising office: support in the fundraising campaigns, as the annual charity event.


Activities in the field of social agriculture in Pesaro (PU).

Where: Pesaro, Italy

From: 01 Oct 2019

To:29 Jun 2020

CAMPO BASE is a social cooperative and it was established in December 2008 as a type B social cooperative, which means its main aim is the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities through its activities. It operates in the sector of fruit and vegetable and livestock sector according to the organic method. The activities in the farm will mainly involve contact with nature and animals in order to learn how to respect the planet and how to grow food in a biological and ethical way. The cooperative employs people with disability and all the activities imply the relationship and the cooperation with them in a fully inclusive environment.The volunteers will be involved in the following activities: 

  • Activities of transplanting and sorting: the volunteers will support the staff and the users of the cooperative in transplanting plants in the vegetable garden and in keeping the plant free from animals and from other infesting plants. Once the plants have grown, they will support in the picking and sorting of the vegetables. 

  • Gardening and cleaning: the volunteers will support the staff in keeping clean the green areas where they work. They will take care of the flowerbeds and of the common areas.

  • Care of the poultry: the cooperative grows poultry in the farm and the volunteers will support the staff in the animal care by helping them with the feeding and management of the henhouse.

  • Activities with children: they organise educational activities for schools and children in order to raise awareness about ecology and respect of our planet. The volunteers will support in the organisation of these events and activities and they will support the staff in the implementation phase.


How to apply: Interested candidates need to send to the following documents in English:

- CV (including  the date of birth and the country of residence)

- Motivation letter related to the project (general motivation letters will not be accepted)

Volunteers need to be registered in the European Solidarity Corps portal ( to take part to EVS/ESC projects.


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