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PARTICIPATE+ | Looking for a Bulgarian Volunteer for a 7 months ESC project in Barcelos, Portugal

About Powerfull Volunteers

Title of the project: Powerfull Volunteers

Type of the activity: European Solidarity Corps - Volunteering Projects

ESC stage duration: 7 months

Venue: Barcelos, Portugal

In this European Solidarity Corps - Volunteering Project called "Powerfull Volunteers".

This project is prepared to receive 4 volunteers: 1 Italian, 1 Algerian, 1 Bulgarian and 1 United Kingdom, youngsters between 18 and 30 years old, starting in soon as possible.

The Powerfull Volunteers is a Solidarity and Social Inclusion project, which aims to challenge and strengthen the local community, which will receive 4 volunteers from different cultures. This volunteers through non-formal education can develop activities in the environmental, agricultural, cultural, sports, literary, arts, scientific, multimedia and/or social areas using recreational, creative and pedagogical activities.

Volunteer Profile

The ideal volunteer must be motivated, enthusiastic, sensitive, curious and loves nature, genuineness and authenticity of places. Must be prepared for interpersonal relationships and has capacity to adapt to new situations and aptitude for team works.

• Organization of intercultural activities, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, creative spaces, painting, language club;

• Reflection activities on the themes of the European Union;

• Work on the importance of interacting on an equal basis, on valuing differences and stimulating intercultural dialogue;

• Support the daily tasks;

• Organize activities for promote Erasmus+.


• Participate in SOPRO’s campaigns: Collection of school material and food in the supermarkets in 2 times for year, and other activities and campaigns that arise during this volunteering project.

• Other: support the activities of SOPRO, fundraising initiatives (helping to seek and compete for international applications), document, support for exchange activities, attend meetings of international volunteers destined for Mozambique and helps to establish international partnerships.

• Ideas own/projects and suggestions for support the organization of sports activities, cultural events, exhibitions traditions of their country.

Food and Accommodation

The volunteer will live in shared house/apartment with other volunteers in a double room, with shared living room, kitchen, laundry and social facilities.

Volunteer Allowance and Pocket Money

235€ per month.

Full infopack view HERE


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