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The project ,,Play together, play well” lasted 8 days from the 26th of September to 3rd of October, located in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. We were 3 countries in total with 51 lovely people. The topic itself was amazing.

The reason I took part in this project was to get the chance to interact with disabled people and learn the basics of some martial arts, which will help me to defend myself someday. Who knows?

So, talking about my personal experience, I can’t miss to mention how beneficial that project was for my growth as a person also to develop some new skills and gain knowledge. For a very first time I met so many interesting people in one place.

Being part of a project in which we could interact with disabled people proved me that we all are capable of doing amazing things, alone or together.

The first day we had some teambuilding games which helped to get to know each other better and learn how to cooperate in a team for a mutual aim.

Meanwhile we had three cultural nights where the participants from every country had the chance to share interesting facts about their homeland culture. We tried a lot of delicious food and learnt some interesting facts, combined with a lot of fun.

We had some workshops and games which helped us to understand what it’s like to have a disability. We all shared what it was for us to be on the position of a disabled person. It was good for us to have the chance to look through their eyes for a little.

Our mission wasn’t only to learn basics of these martial arts. The main aim of this project is to enhance social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, especially the young ones, by including them in the magic of training a sport. Eventually we did it, so easily without having any troubles.


It was such a lovely experience for me! Thank you guys for everything!❤


By Yasmin Draganova


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