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Participation in TC SIYS

Dates: 5 – 9 September, 2016

Location: Guimarães, Portugal

Hosting organization: APOGESD - Associação Portuguesa de Gestão do Desporto (Portugal)

Social inclusion is a multidimensional issue and promotion is complex and must be analyzed by several prisms. Project focuses on the problem of social exclusion and the need to enhance the inclusive behavior through youth and physical/sport activity. Goes through the confrontation of its resolution through the contribution of youth and of physical/sport activity, acting directly on the youth sector.

Through the training of youth workers in intervention for social inclusion among the young, it is possible to act preventively on a "disease" that after installed can become incurable. In this sense, it is necessary the training of youth workers to the social intervention to a comprehensive level, as a preventive factor and a resolution of one of the most serious problems of the current society: social exclusion.

The needs that we want to bridge are valuation of social inclusion, valuation of youth action through the physical/sport activity, valuation of non-formal education methodology, valuation of European identity, active citizenship, intercultural dialog and multiculturalism and valuation of empowerment of youth workers to the intervention in social inclusion through physical/sport activity.

Guimarães is a Portuguese town, located in the district of Braga, with a population of 54 097 inhabitants. Guimarães is one of the most important historic cities in the country, and its historic center considered Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, making it definitely one of the biggest tourist centers in the region. Its streets and monuments breathes history and enchant the visitors.

Countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain.


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