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PEOPLE+ | Drawing as a way of life; from hobby to a career

Our very talanted participants Darina Bogoeva and Kalina Kuzmanova send us some of their amazing drawings and shared with us the story behind their mutual passion - drawing.


Kalina Kuzmanova

"It all started when I was in the kindergarten, 6 years old. The teacher told us that’s there is an art competition and since I like drawing pink ponies and such, I told my mother that I wanted to go. She was like “Yeah, yeah, okay”, not believing me that I was serious and thinking I would forget. However, I did not forget, and she took me to the competition. I drew a tree with some strange looking animals. When we went to the awarding my mother did not expect anything, she was not even with a phone in her hand, ready to take photos. At some point they said my name. Somehow, I won 3rd place. That’s how it all started. After this competition I started going to drawing lessons and attending school workshops. Then with the years I decided that I want to study something art related. So here I am now studying Graphic Design, creating logos, print design, compositions and sculptures, planning to continue my education with Game Design or Industrial Design."

How it all started

and how it looks now...


Darina Bogoeva

"Almost everyone has held a pencil and tried to draw at some point. Same thing happened to me and I never thought that I would take drawing seriously ever but at around fifth grade everything changed. I realized that it's actually a very hard skill to master and I wasn't talented or anything, but I kept drawing. After a few years a noticed tremendous improvement and this made me even more motivated! After some time, I bought myself a graphic tablet and started drawing digitally. Art comes in many forms even in animation which is a very time-consuming process. I take inspiration from a lot of artists all over the Internet. Art is an amazing thing because the only limit is your imagination! The feeling of looking at old drawings and seeing how much you've improved is amazing! Many people can't understand why artists spend so much time on their pieces, but they don't know the feeling of relief and happiness you feel after finishing a drawing. Another thing is that there is always room for improvement and you can never draw something perfectly. There are lots of people who think that in order to take up art you need to have some sort of talent but actually no one was ever born knowing how to draw. Hard work takes up to 95% while talent is at around 5%. So, I encourage everyone to try drawing and to not be afraid of failure, because everything is beautiful in its own way."

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