PEOPLE+ | How would the “Save our money” project help my education?

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Currently I am a Finance student in the University of National and World Economy. Finance is not only administrative work. It requires logical thinking in order to know how to manage the resources or in other words – the money.

In some of our classes we have practice lessons, projects and so on, most of them are in order to learn strategies how to manage the money – of our clients and our own. It is important to know that the key to save money is not only to put an amount aside every month, but to know how to spend properly and what for. A simple way of thinking.

Having money put aside is like a monthly subscription. It is stressful as before your salary you start counting what you have to buy, how much it is going to cost you and the money you will be able to “save”. For me, it got easier when I learnt how to spend my money properly and have what I want without having to worry.

As one of the jobs I will be able to practice is “Financial adviser” either for a small or big business or even a private adviser, the project would be helpful as there are certain tactics that can be used for all type of clients.

In addition, I would say that the main way of thinking should be not how to spend less, but how to earn more.

by Maria Balimezova

Participant in

YE Save our money in Mezobereny, Hungary


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