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PEOPLE+ | My dream job

Of course, once I dreamed of being a princess. I thought I would have a successful career in that sphere as I am intelligent, passion, gracious and surely modest. Anyway, with the seasons passing one after another my expectations didn’t work out the way I reckoned. So, I decided to change the focus and to choose something more practically or at least not connected with heavy objects on my head.

Guess what? My dream job is to be a photographer, traveler and explorer working for NatGeo. Wandering all around the globe, doing astonishing researches, meeting new cultures, appreciating my place as a citizen of the world and understanding better what the meaning of human beings is. But let me tell you how it all begun.

During my entire childhood I was keen on arts. Drawing lessons, photography classes, dance sport trainings were my daily routines. I could have turned anything into a piece of art and that ability was warmly welcomed by my supportive parents and all of my true fellows. Every activity from the mentioned above contributed to my progress as an individual. Resiliency, adaptability and imagination were the three key skills that I gained from early age and those help me sufficiently, nowadays.

That is a half of the explanation why I have chosen such a job. I have seen plenty of advertisements on National Geographic channel related to sponsored studies of many scientists. Another example is a Bulgarian photographer’s photo of the Northern lights that was used as a front page for one of their magazines. That is so inspirational!

To sum up, I am a cosmopolitan child always curious and open-minded for new experiences.

However, that doesn’t mean it would be easy. But I wanna be a change maker and path breaker, so here I come ready to grow up and to have my dream job.


by: Radost Deneva


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