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PEOPLE+ | Welcome aboard Valentina Osorio


ELLO! My name is Valentina Cortés Osorio, I am from Colombia and I have never thought I was going to live in Sofia Bulgaria, but since I arrived I realized that it was going to be one of my best experiences ever.

I finished a master's degree in Metabolism and Nutrition in Barcelona and my idea was to return to Colombia, but for fortune, I was chosen to do an internship in Sofía, and I asked Why not?

The first week I came with my mother and we were visiting the main places in Sofia, we visited heritage places, women´s market, Sofia market, and tried typical Bulgarian dishes. For me was interesting to recognize how diverse and mix Bulgarian culture is. Also, I highlight that Bulgarians are welcoming people and are interested to meet and make feel welcome foreigners.

When I travel I always find places for dancing the tango and Sofía was not an exception. The day after we arrived I join to Sofía Tango Festival and it was an amazing experience because it allow me to meet the tango community and also met interesting people who really make me feel welcome from the first moment.

At the end of the week, I met the place where I was going to live in Sofia and my roommate, and the situation was getting better because although I recognize that for a long time ago I had not to share a place with a strange person, I met an incredible girl, to whom we have a lot of things in common and since the first day we talk about our life, the aims with this experience and we start to plan not just about traveling, but also we define that we can work together in our ICDET project.

My first week finished with a meeting where I met my teamwork and I had an overview of my job during the internship. I have big expectations. It will be a great experience where I can share and bring others my experience, and at the same time learn deeply how to develop programs. I really believe that everything I am going to learn and the project I will design during my experience will be helpful later, and definitely, I want to continue after the end of this period, working from my country and do not lose contact with my teamwork and ICDET, Erasmus +, will be interesting to connect projects from Latin America to Europe.


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