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The best way to fight #prejudices and #antigypsyism is through knowledge!

On the occasion of the #RomaniResistanceDay which will be marked on 16 May, we are sharing the stories of Roma heroes the evidence that Roma not only fought against oppression and injustice, but also that they contributed to European struggles for freedom, democracy, and justice in the region and across Europe

Re-thinking Roma Resistance is a European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture - ERIAC's project developed to initiate change in the European historical and cultural narrative concerning Roma.

We joined this project by implementing the campaign "Stories of Roma resistance", where you can read interesting individual stories of Roma heroism and bravery

“Roma Heroes” is an educational board game developed in the framework of the “Re-thinking Roma Resistance” project by the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC). Inspired by the classic children’s board game “Guess Who?”, the game allows the players to discover stories of real Heroes of the Roma history while playing. “Roma Heroes” includes custom-made illustrations by Roma artist Emanuel Barica.

The game is available both in printed and in the online version. The printed version can be downloaded and played at home HERE, while the online version of the game can be accessed HERE.


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