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THE CHANGE+ | Inspirational Insights into Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not only about businesses and profits, but it’s also about vision and passion and it constitutes a powerful tool to trigger positive change in society. The question constantly swirling in the head of an entrepreneur is: “how can I make the world better? What kind of tools are needed? Is there any recipe for a more sustainable, more efficient or more equal entrepreneurship?” In this video, Idan M. Hadjri, member and community development manager of KE{M}BALI - a creative and innovation hub - present us their project, the role of coworking spaces in entrepreneurship and the importance of networking. In addition, Ni Komang Ayu Suriani, Founder and CEO of Diffago - a socio tech platform for sustained empowerment of People with Disabilities in Indonesia - describe us, based on her experience, the challenges and the main ingredients for setting a successful social business. We create, we share! Thank you, Act Global CIC!


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