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Transnational United Network in Europe Meeting – April 2021

Welcome and Introduction

United Societies of Balkans welcomed all the partners to the meeting. The main topics of the discussion were COVID-19, how the partners are doing during the lockdown and the situation around Europe. The new guides of E+ and ESC were also a topic to discuss and the new calls.

New Programme, plans for the deadlines and E+ Accreditation

All of the participants admitted that the deadlines of the new Programmes are very close and most of the organisations won’t apply for any projects in May’s deadline. Yannis said that the results of the Erasmus accreditation are still not published, so for the KA1 projects the things are unstable. Both Ester and Jorge said that they won’t apply for projects in this deadline because they will focus on the ESC quality label, since some things have changed in the new ESC Programme.

Communication for partnerships

For the better and faster communication of the members of the Network, a shared Google Drive folder will be created for uploading PIFs and any other information relevant to the projects that will be submitted in May. In the folder, there is also an excel in which all the organisations can share the call for partners for their projects.


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