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USE+FUL | Clubs and Organisations for youth

Our Participants Radost Deneva and Vanesa Husaini are members of various different youth clubs and organisations which help young people develop themselves and we are more than happy to share them with you as well.

Here is what they had to share:


Radost Deneva

"As a student I am always curious about some things. How the world works, what is its purpose and how is a human life affected by it in any aspect. During the years in the high school I was taking part in lots of activities in order to get to know better a random sphere or field of information, thus, I gained pretty much knowledge on different topics, plus, the unforgettable experience in teamwork while the process. So in this article I am going to introduce to you several useful clubs and organizations that I participate in, which helped me to build my personality and boost my self-esteem as I had a hard time in that direction. To begin with, I really enjoyed the time spent in Interact club Varna. There for only two years I have learnt so much about leadership and humanity and ways to prevent negative events from happening. I was their coordinator and used to have responsibilities as a PR who manages meetings, special events, platforms in social media and etc.

Secondly, I would like to mention CISV and to thank all the astonishing people I met at the camps. They taught me to never loose energy and to stay positive no matter what is wrong. Those are things that cannot be learnt through listening to teachers and relatives or studying from notebooks. There are needed the right role models to show you the path. Furthermore, I was a scout. My job was to inform people about cultural and sport activities, placed in my home town. Also, we had projects related to preserving the nature surrounding us. I was strongly influenced and that focused me to choose my future career as a civil and environmental engineer. I am super grateful for the chance to be a part of these bodies because after all I got plenty of beneficial contacts that can support me when necessary. I recommend them to everybody! "


Vanesa Husaini

"Two years ago, I felt like I didn’t use the most of my time properly, so I decided to contribute to a cause which can be beneficial for both the people around me and myself. I stumbled upon the charity event from Interact Club Varna and I immediately got attached to its cause, ambition and principles. I decided that this was what I was looking for. Mostly, what I found to be interesting were the open-minded people, who prefer to invest their time on projects that are multicultural and international understandings. Besides, what I find beneficial for me is the fact that I am able to help others. From next year I will take a more responsible role as a cashier for the collected funds from the non-profit events. During the annual vote procedure, I was selected as a successor of the previous responsible member for the above-mentioned role. Although it could be considered a small role, it is significant for the community inside Interact Club. Throughout my time in Interact I have decided to partake in several debates with other community members, in order to improve my communication skills my ability to stand for my ideas and beliefs."


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