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USE+FUL | How does Erasmus+ help us?

If you are wondering why to participate in an Erasmus+ project and how will that help you in your personal development, this article will answer your questions.

Two of our participants in the YE “Make social inclusion happen” in Costinesti, Romania - Yoana Yakimova and Borislava Ivanova shared with us their expectations from the project prior its start and also their opinion on how Erasmus+ is helping them in life.


"How “Erasmus+” helps us? Now I will tell you. Erasmus+ projects help us with meeting a lot of new people and maybe new friends. This is new way to improve our English and communication skills. We always can improve our communication skills but Erasmus+ projects give us that chance to meet new people from different countries in one place. When we talk to each other we exchange experience and knowledge. All of these things help us to improve our English and communication skills.

In any type of communication, make sure that you set the right tone. A friendly tone will encourage others to communicate with you. In all interactions confidence (but not over-confidence) is crucial. Demonstrating confidence will give costumers faith in your abilities to deliver what they need, and that you will follow through with what you have promised.

The most important thing is respect. If you respect the ideas and opinions of others, they will be more likely to communicate with you. Active listening or simply using the name of the person you are speaking to can both be effective.

Good communication is all about listening effectively. Take the time to listen to what the other person is saying and practice active listening. Pay attention to what the other person is saying, ask questions and clarify points, and rephrase what they have said so that you know you have understood correctly.

And these are the most important things that Erasmus + projects give to us."

By Borislava Ivanova

Participant in

YE "Make social inclusion happen" in Costinesti, Romania


"Erasmus+ projects help you to improve your English skills. In my opinion, the projects encourage young people to be more sociable. It can be useful in other projects. I expect to learn from the YE “Make social inclusion happen” how to accept different people and tolerate them. These people are not different from us and they deserve to be tolerated like everyone else. Another important thing is the team working. If you ask me, I’m not good in team working because I’m shy and don’t want to share my ideas. Another thing that I expect to learn is public speaking. Most of the people are not good at public speaking for various reasons, of course (even me) but the project can help me to be better in public speaking."

By Yoana Yakimova

Participant in

YE "Make social inclusion happen" in Costinesti, Romania


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