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USE+FUL | MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO ("A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body")


In collaboration with Synergy Bulgaria NGO

Physical and mental health are intimately interconnected: our genetic and biological characteristics have a strong impact on our mood, emotions, thoughts and beliefs, as well as the opposite. When we are feeling stressed or weak there are a lot of factors involved and we can’t find our specific meaning by only looking at one side: we have to take in consideration the mind-body connection.

Have you ever heard about scientific research that underlines physical activity as a protection factor for the development of future mental issues or disorders? Or that moving your body can help you to decrease existing difficulties, can release your stress problems and increase your imagination and creativity?

The event in which my colleagues and I participated, organized by Synergy Bulgaria NGO, was focused on this topic. More specifically, the main highlighted point was: how can we unlock creativity through our bodies’ movements?

The facilitator of the event was a professional Latin dancer and with her engaging personality she managed to guide us in a unique self-discovering body-movement journey. She shared a lot of her personal growth process explaining how, in her case, the passion for dance saved her from anxiety problems and related panic attacks. She shared with us her passion, involving us in basic dancing moves that permitted us to feel the energy and the positive vibes of our bodies on our emotions and mood. Indeed, after dancing we were all feeling more relaxed and familiar to the context and to each other.

The event definitely stimulated some inner reflections and connections: we get insights and self-awareness of the creative processes that can take place within us.

Reflect: what does it feel like when you allow yourself to be brave enough to balance your life with your mind-body connection and creativity?

“You must make time daily to care for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.”

Lailah Gifty Akita


Ilaria Staltari, intern@ICDET


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