VIE+W | Minority groups in Bulgaria

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Last week I went to Svishtov, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and Burgas. I met a lot of people from minority groups. Almost all of them talk about the same thing: poverty.

During a week-long trip to the north and east of Bulgaria, I saw that people from minority groups generally talk about the same things. They talk about their low wages and their financial difficulties. Apart from that, some Bulgarian people express their discomfort with them.

They do not want the assimilation campaign of the past to be repeated. The suffering of people in those years was so great that they do not want their children to see and experience such an environment. They said that after the communist era passed, they now live more comfortably and more free, but sometimes criticized by the Bulgarians. I would like to tell you about an incident that I personally experienced.

While we were being vaccinated at the hospital, the nurse told us why we are here, to leave the country, and said nothing to our Italian friends. It's really sad that things like this happen. Everyone can live in peace as long as no one bothers anyone. I saw that some stereotypes and prejudices continued in Bulgaria. However, I noticed that there is no such distinction between young people. With my experience, I can clearly say that racism decreases as the average age decreases. The person I interviewed in Svishtov was also advocating this. He said: “The important thing is to be human. Now everyone is looking their own way. I am guiding young people to live in a more peaceful society.