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USE+FUL | Philanthropic Organizations

1. “National Alliance for Work with Volunteers” - NARD

The purpose of the National Alliance for Volunteer Work (NARD) is to promote volunteering traditions in Bulgaria and to change the community's attitude towards voluntary work by organizing various initiatives involving the maximum number of people from the community and promoting the values ​​of volunteering.

NARD Strategic Objectives:

  • Promote volunteering as a form of civic participation and non-formal learning;

  • To partner with local organizations and to implement local social and youth policies;

  • To assist with the legislative regulations and the conditions implemented for voluntary work in Bulgaria;

  • To develop programs to further aid young children at risk and their integration within society;

  • To develop and support social organizations and support people at risk.

Certificate “Knight of goodwill”:


2. Interact club

The objectives of the Interact Club in which I participated are many - they are aimed at helping children and adults, acknowledging important moments for Bulgarian history, organizing sports competitions and hikes aimed at increasing physical activity, protecting nature and many other.

At the beginning I started as a member, then I became the club Treasurer and the I was responsible for all reports in the organization as well as for the club budget. Later on, the club members elected me as vice-president, and lastly president of the Interact club Zlatitsa.

During my tenure as President, we have organized many events such as:

  • Earth Day - Interactive Club Zlatitsa organized a drawing contest on the occasion of International Earth Day - April 22. The theme was "My Planet in 100 Years".

  • Earth Hour (WWF) - The Zlatitsa Interactive Club joined the WWF World Initiative - Earth Hour every year. Interactors organized a torchlight march through the city, urging citizens to turn off the lights and think about small actions that could help nature.

  • Charity Evening - continuation of the Warm Lunch for Every Child initiative. Preparing, organizing and conducting an evening of arts (poetry, music, dance, fine arts) to raise funds to support children in grades 1-4 who have difficulty paying the school chair fee.

  • Charity Bazaar "Christmas is a dream come true" - the raised funds from the charity bazaar were donated to a child with health problems.

  • December 1st - World AIDS Day - red ribbons and information leaflets were distributed to students and teachers, together we expressed our empathy for those affected by the disease and the pain caused by the loss of loved ones who have died of AIDS.

  • "My future profession" - the purpose of this project was to help high school students navigate their future professions. The idea was to invite people from different professions to find out what the students are interested in.

  • Fairy tale carnival - all participants wishing to participate in the carnival had fun with an exciting program of songs and lyrics as well as treats for the little ones.

  • "Let's clean Bulgaria in a day" - for a consecutive year, interactors joined the initiative "Let's clean Bulgaria in a day". Along with more students armed with gloves and bags, we cleaned the Cave Park and the surrounding area. We passed the waste to the company that looks after the cleanliness of the city. Thus, we contributed to the conservation of Bulgaria's nature.

  • Autumn hike - dedicated to November 1st;

  • Culinary competition "The best confectioner";

  • The “Caps” in Action Initiative - organized by the Idea in Action Foundation - aimed to collect as many plastic caps as possible, with all proceeds donated to the purchasing of home appliances for disadvantaged children across the country. This initiative continued throughout the entire year.

  • Visit to a home for children deprived of parental care in the village of Doganovo - meeting with children, carrying out joint activities.


3. Youth spaces

The “Youth Spaces” organization is designed specifically for the development of young adults, non-formal and informal learning, physical activity and the use of leisure time by and for young people.

This organization addresses problems and challenges which young people face such as: high levels of youth unemployment, high numbers of young people outside education, training and employment; increasing trends of populism, Euroscepticism, radicalization and aggression; social exclusion of young people;

“Youth spaces” are particularly important to society. They are a social innovation that empowers young people to realize their initiatives, creativity and values. They are also a key tool for developing social, professional and personal competences in youth.

By participating in such organizations, people find new friends, become more useful and positive for society


by Rosen Tomov


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