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USE+FUL | Programming as a hobby

Have you ever thought that programming is interesting?

Have you ever found yourself thinking that it is something you want to include in your everyday life?

Well, our participants Vasilena and Ivaylo from the YE "Gamification exchanges" share the same interest and they will share with us how they implement programming in their everyday life, how they combine it with their other activities and how they have developed their knowledge in the programming field with the help of an ERASMUS+ project.


"A couple of months ago, I learnt for first time about the Erasmus+ projects through internet. Having in mind the possibilities it offers and its benefits, I searched for projects and, in the present, I have already attended two youth exchanges. They became kind of an escape world from the ordinary one where I could both develop my understanding about my surrounding and socialize with unique and astonishing people. The Erasmus+ projects always have a positive reflection on me and on my attitude towards life.

Another thing I do in my free time aside from researching and participating in youth exchanges is programming. Since l was a little child, I have had a passion about computers, logical puzzles and so on. This passion naturally turned into a desire to learn more about the topics and develop in this area. And here I am, years later studying software development in high school and improving my skills with each day. In fact, the second project (the last one I have participated till now) in which I participated in, was about Game Development and I learnt a lot about developing games in a short period of time. We had a special Hackathon day in which, divided by teams, we had to develop a game.

Another favorite thing of mine to do in my free time is drawing. I love to draw all kinds of stuff: hands, animals, faces, anatomy and etc. It gives me time to think, which I do best while working with my hands. It’s a great way to express yourself, relieve your stress and enjoy your time. I am actually quite passionate about sport activities as well. They give me the much-needed opportunity to release my energy and enjoy the day. Overall there are a lot of things I tend to do in my free time but attending projects definitely beats all the others because it simply combines them in the best way possible."

by Vasilena Krajeva


"One of my biggest passions is programming. When I was 13-14 years old, I was in my friend's place. He is like the best guy I know and we always share our ideas and activities. He wanted to show me the web site that he made. At this point in time I had no idea what was programming neither how it works. It seemed like some magic. You write some codes in a notepad, name the file. HTML and objects just pop up on the screen when you refresh the page. I was hooked instantly. The first thing I did when I got home was to find some YouTube videos on the topic and after some research, I started learning html from some trash site. The cool part was that if I got stuck at some point he helped me and explained everything as best as he could. He continued his education through the years and now he's making phone games and posts them in the Google play. Right now I'm learning python and the thrill from the studying is the same as when I started. "

by Ivaylo Tanchev


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