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USE+FUL | The good practices met abroad with regard the youth employment

Solomon Petkov is telling us more about the good practices he has met abroad and would like to see in Bulgaria with regard to the youth employment

Youth employment is a big issue globally, but even bigger in Bulgaria. One of the things

I’ve found difficult in my country is that it is very hard for young people to get a good start in

life and gain the experience they need. I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world, and I have seen some amazing practices and opportunities that help young people to be more integrated in society and to receive a head start in life. Here I will share a couple with you.

One of the things I like a lot is the fact that a lot of countries provide young people, as young as 16 years old, with the possibility to begin working a real job, legally. I think it is great for young people to begin to carry responsibility as young as possible. This not only helps them and teaches them to be more independent, but it helps them to have a better perspective on life. It helps them to appreciate the value of things. I think this would be great if it gets implemented in Bulgaria, because it will show that young people have a lot to bring to the table. That being said, believe that the ability to carry responsibility unlocks potential and helps people to grow and get better at what they do!

Another great practice is volunteering. I’ve been to a few countries who offer their youth amazing opportunities to get plugged in and start volunteering in various projects. I think that this is an awesome chance for young people to gain work experience and learn skills hands on. I’ve seen different humanitarian, socio-economic, sports, educational and many other types of projects that young people could become part of with the only requirement being their desire to take part. I feel like the government could provide more options for young people to volunteer and do community service that not only expands them and their horizons but helps to build a stronger and better society!

by Solomon Petkov


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