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USE+FUL | What can we do during quarantine to stay productive?

Stuck in home? Not allowed to go out? Don’t know what to do? I guess we have all been there the last month.You are wondering what to do while being at home? Well, you are in the right place, because this article is just about you! Here are some things you can do right from your home and stay productive during those hard times.

The first thing that pops up into my mind is the one and only – rest! We are always blaming the world and the people surrounding us that we do not have enough time for resting. We are always compaining that we are exhausted and we want some time for chilling. Well, here it is! You can’t blame anyone or anything for your situation now. Just rest and enjoy your time.

Second, while chilling, what can be better than watching Netflix? HBO Go and Zamunda are also great options to find movies if you don't have a Netflix account. Being in your home you can watch all the movies you have ever wanted to and you can catch up with the new TV series. Some that are worth watching are - GoT, Stranger things, House of Cards, Manifest, The outsider, 13 reasons why etc. Feel free to check them all!

All students in schools and universities have online classes which we should all attend to. If you are no longer a student there are many online courses you can take so you can fulfill your time. You have the whole time in this world to study!

Studying can be fun, at least that’s what all the cool kids say, but reading a book takes you to another level! Reading books widens your knowledge andyou can read whatever books you have in your home, no matter what for - the artificial intelligence, the space, the nature, everything!

Something else, which is really fun and can also enrich your characteristics is going online and checking some museums! Here is an online website, where different museums uploaded online tours, in which you can see all their treasures. Be sure to check it out!

Thank you very much all for reading the article.It is short, simple but full of ideas! Make sure you do at least 2 or 3 of these activities!

p.s. – In those hard times please try to listen to what the government tells you! Stay in your home, not only because of you, but because of the ones you love the most. One day you will thank yourself! Stay safe.


by Emanuel Tonev


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