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USE+FUL | Youth employment in Bulgaria

In the world and in the same way in Bulgaria, it is seen one tendency in increasing the number of young people who don’t have work. In Bulgaria the percent of unemployment among young people is 24.7%. Young people in working age are considered to be between 15 and 29 years old. Main factors for youth unemployment are the lack of education and qualification, which leads to 57,2% unemployment among young people and 19,8% among the all population in Bulgaria. Followed by migrations, lack of initiative among young people (mainly among young people who live with their parents) and misunderstanding of the employer about the work time.

There are several methods of coping, which is a good idea to be improved and for that purpose it is desirable for the companies to offer more consultations with young people, to hire to work more youngsters and to release people in retirement age. It will be good if the universities provide internships.


by: Maya Pancheva


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