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VIE+W | Are the students motivated for career development?

The early vocational guidance is set in every educational institution that has a well-chosen and motivated team. My mother is a primary teacher in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and I know how many different activities they are doing there to prepare the students for their future professional life. One of the initiatives they take is involving parents. In the afternoon, parents come to school and tell the students about their work. So, they get the opportunity to gain additional knowledge as they talk to a professional. The children understand how many qualities they have to possess to become a good worker – self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork and a special qualification for their work.

It is very important to have a career orientation. That’s how we will know how we have to prepare for the desired job. I think that the students are highly motivated nowadays and have some orientation for a future job. In the digital age, with just one click, we can get a lot of information about the profession we want and from there to go to a good university. The best, of course, is when this is done in front of us and we can see it. I remember years ago, our teacher took us to a Chocolate Factory, where we had the opportunity to observe the whole process - from coconut mowing to packing ready-made chocolate. It was a delicious and exciting event. At the end of the seventh grade, we had a meeting with students from various vocational high schools who told us about their school - what they would become when they were finished. I have been studying English. I am also attracted to the fine arts - I have won national and international competitions, but it is very important for me to improve my foreign language because it opens up many opportunities. Who knows, one day I can combine both things.


by: Denitsa Rusalova


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