VIE+W | Can we make friendships and learn from gaming?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Some of the participants in the passed YE "Gamification exchanges" and YE "Employable youths", which took place in Costinesti, Romania in June wanted to share with us about their passion for video games. They want to break the stereotype that " videogames zombify people" as they actually helped them make friends and develop themselves.


The difference between gamers and gamers

by Ivan Ganichev

" During my free time I like to sit in front of the computer and explore new stories inside videogames (but not when I have stuff to do with school or work). And I really enjoy doing that. But what really pisses me off sometimes is when people say that videogames zombify people. This is totally wrong and such people should make the difference between gamers and gamers. On one hand, you really have the people that play like zo