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VIE+W | Challenge yourself daily

I am passionate about experiencing new activities and when it comes to social projects - it provokes my inner light. I have taken part in a different organizations that stimulate the connection between the person oneself and the society but I have never been in an exchange with people from different countries. I expect from the project “YE Employable youths” opportunity to meet with many people consolidated and devoted to one aim. I find this union of people as something special and I feel privileged to be chosen as one of them. I await group projects, interesting debates and communication in all levels, all spheres. We can use these ten days to the maximum so we can contribute not only for the project, but for ourselves. In my expectations, a youth exchange has many similarities with a school camp - we are far for home, we meet new people and in an easy way we actually learn and enrich. We have the conditions provided to be productive and it is no secret that two people think better than one - so imagine what happens with 40 people for example and the diversity of nations - as everyone sees the world through their own prism - is tempting for me.

My motivation for this project obtain several main reasons. First, I want to challenge myself - I have this opinion for me as a social person, who has no problem breaking the ice, connecting and working with people but I am interested if this can be applied even with so many people, I want to stay out of my comfort zone. Secondly, said in simple way, I feel fulfilled when I am doing volunteer work, it shows me the whole picture - we are nothing without others, we, together, make the big difference - what is greater than the given opportunity to change, to help, step by step? Third, it is common said that you are never the same person when you go back from a journey - this was the last year in high school for me and everything is about to change, and as I am very excited to try new things so am I a bit scared of the change - my participation in this project is a step in my new journey where there are no limits.


by: Vyara Mitsova


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